Photo Courtesy of Jesse Kuroiwa & Colorado Building Workshop

As part of his Master’s Degree in Architecture, Fänas Designer Kyle Plantico recently had the opportunity to design and build one of 7 new cabins for the Colorado Outward Bound School (COBS) through the University of Colorado Denver’s Colorado Building Workshop program. The experience was.    Read more »

What is LEED Certification?

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LEED Logo Project

LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building certification program that strives to push the way we construct and design buildings. LEED certification can be applied to all types of construction models – building & design, interior design, building.    Read more »

3 great ways to design for kids

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Designing kids’ rooms can be fun. As designers, it’s usually the place where we interject more color and whimsy into the design process, yet it’s also important to keep an air of practicality. We want our kids to use the space that’s allocated for them!.    Read more »


Fänas recently published a brief pamphlet on what property owners should be aware of when building in Boulder, Colorado. As noted, this was an overview intended to point out the many steps required throughout the process. We’ve gotten great feedback and thought we would elaborate on a few of.    Read more »


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Looking to upgrade the kitchen in your current home? As we’ve shared in a recent post, a kitchen remodel could yield a payback anywhere from 90-100% on your investment. Because it’s the most used room in your home, it’s also the most popular room.    Read more »


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Ever wonder how architects move from conceptual hand sketches to fully fledged construction drawings? Even though most architectural ideas are first worked through by hand on paper, computers are often used at the end of the design process for aid in precision and detail. Click the.    Read more »


Although we have been designing custom homes for decades, with each new project there is a learning curve. Becoming in tune with the individual client, understanding their lifestyle and aesthetic, and learning about local building codes are just some of the nuances that make each.    Read more »


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Fänas Architecture proudly announces our two new office locations in Boulder and Durango, Colorado. Please update your records with our new addresses and feel free to come visit us in our new spaces!   Boulder 1320 Pearl Street Suite 103 Boulder, CO 80301 303.444.5380 Durango 101 W. 9th Street Suite 04 Durango, CO.    Read more »


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sip-panel (1)

Building a house and wanting it to be extremely energy efficient? You may want to consider structural insulated panels (SIPs). SIPs are a building system made from foam insulation sandwiched between 2 sheets of oriented strand board, think ice cream sandwich. SIP panel These panels compose.    Read more »

How Color Can Create Clarity

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140625_Rauker - Floor Plan - MAIN LEVEL _ PRES - Names

In a previous blog post, we shared one of the many tools we use to represent our design ideas to clients – using 3-dimensional photo realistic renderings. Another effective Revit Architecture tool for developing informative drawings is a color fill floor plan. Adding a shade.    Read more »

The truth behind Cost vs. Return

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Recouping your remodeling investment may be your goal when you sell your house. But when it comes to resale value, all home improvements are not created equal. As a rule, kitchen remodeling projects and bathroom additions almost always pay back 90 percent or more of.    Read more »

Fanas Architecture designs and details kitchens.

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House rendering

Fanas Architecture designs and details kitchens. As an architectural firm we are typically associated with the “sticks and bricks” of a building, however recently we have been fortunate enough to have been hired to design and remodel some exciting kitchens for several different clients. Kitchens are the.    Read more »

Fanas Architecture _ Elizabeth Smith

Photo Source: Fanas Architecture’s blood runs green with a commitment to responsible, green architecture and design.  We are proud members of the Colorado Green Building Guild, LEED AP, Boulder Green Points Certified, and are Green Advantage Certified.  Sustainable building practices are simply part of.    Read more »

City of Boulder Adopts New Codes

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For all of us who work in the design and building industry here in Boulder, we know that staying on top of the current City codes and regulations is not only imperative, but sometimes confusing. The City of Boulder continues to adopt new codes for both.    Read more »

Storage Woes

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After the holidays are over and it’s finally time to put all of the decorations away, you can sometimes find yourself wondering where all of the space you had for storage went. The boxes you took out, now mysteriously don’t fit back into.    Read more »

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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The chill of winter has officially set in. Colorado saw multiple negative temperature days in December and it hasn’t warmed up a whole lot since. While the necessities of life like work and errands require us to still leave the house when it’s bone.    Read more »

Working From Home

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The idea of working from home has been a dream for many, but until recently, it was difficult for the majority of industries. With the technological advances of the past 5-10 years, more and more people are realizing that dream. However, with that dream.    Read more »

Stairway to a Remodel

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Stairs are not usually at the top of the list when people imagine the things they’d like to remodel in their home. Perhaps this is because most people don’t think of the staircase as much more than a way to get from one floor.    Read more »

‘Tis the season

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‘Tis the season for family, friends, and a lot of good food. Having the right kitchen layout during the holidays can make life a little less stressful when cooking for a crowd. So if you’re considering a kitchen remodel, take some time to evaluate.    Read more »

10 upscale features to consider adding to your home

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Building a custom home or remodeling a current home both require extensive consideration of not only what will serve well for the family living there, but also what is going to be desired by the next family. “The typical buyer of a single-family home.    Read more »

Winter Is In The Air

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As the weather gets progressively cooler and there’s a bit of a bite in the air, you may find yourself beginning to turn that temperature dial up in your home.  Of course as that dial goes up, so does your heating bill. There are.    Read more »

The Road to Recovery

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The news has moved on, but many people in Boulder are still struggling with how to put their lives and homes back together after the massive flooding that took place in September. We too have felt the feelings that come from experiencing damage to.    Read more »

A Helping Hand

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As many of you know, or may have been affected by, Boulder and neighboring areas suffered major damage from a record of more than 17 inches of rain in September. It has left many people struggling to pick of the pieces of their homes.    Read more »

Transforming Your Attic

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Stitched Panorama

A custom home build is the dream of many, but is the reality for very few. Even an addition to an existing home can be a large undertaking for those looking to add space. So what happens if neither of those are.    Read more »

Revitalizing Downtown Longmont

Posted by: Elizabeth  /   Category: Current Work   /   Date: Aug 30, 2013

With the struggles of the U.S. economy after the 2008 financial crisis it’s been a wonder that so many small businesses have been able to stay open. However, it hasn’t been without sacrifice. Many businesses have foregone updates and improvements to their storefronts instead.    Read more »

Avoiding Delays

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One of the challenges of building a custom home that we discussed in our blog last week was time. Anytime construction is involved, there can be delays. Even with a simple remodel unexpected things can cause a shift in the timeline of the project..    Read more »

The 5 Biggest Challenges To Building A Custom Home

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The idea of building a custom home can seem very glamorous. Being able to build your home just the way you want is something that few experience in their lifetime. However, this experience doesn’t come without challenges. Here are the five biggest challenges we see.    Read more »

The Impact of a Pocket Park

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Pagosa Springs Park

Generally when people think of “pocket parks,” New York City comes to mind. Without much room for spanning green spaces (Central Park aside), the city gets creative and takes small, unused areas and transforms them into a place that can be enjoyed by all. By.    Read more »

Fanas Architecture Featured In…

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East Meets West

“Unobstructed views to the mountains, mature trees, a year round creek and open space were the features that cemented the decision for Tim and Lisa Ackerman to purchase the 10 acre property just NW of Boulder in 1998.” - East Meets West: An East.    Read more »

The Perfect Home?

Posted by: Ivan1  /   Category: Boulder Work / Tips and Advice   /   Date: Jun 21, 2013

Boulder, Colorado is known for being very restrictive on housing in an effort to control growth and while it can be frustrating during the home buying process, it’s one of the things that makes Boulder such a great place to live. For anyone who.    Read more »

Bang For Your Buck

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We've talked a lot about large scale home remodels and new home builds lately, but what if you aren't looking for a big budget project? A lot of people just want to spruce up the house and get it in shape to sell, especially.    Read more »

Do Your Research

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Last week we discussed the importance of why you need an architect when starting a remodel or new home build, but throughout the process, beginning to end, the best thing you can do for yourself is research. Research ideas, research architects, and.    Read more »

Why Do I Need An Architect?

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Taking on the task of overseeing a home build or remodel can be extremely overwhelming. Trying to plan out the vision of the house can be time consuming enough, but when it actually comes time to work with contractors, well that can end up.    Read more »

Creative Kids Rooms

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Creative Kids Room

Gone are the days of boring kids’ rooms with just a twin bed and a desk. Feel free to get creative and incorporate some new ideas and features that your kids will love! Creating an environment where your child’s imagination can run wild will.    Read more »

Purchasing a new home in Boulder

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Purchasing a new home can bring up many feelings: excitement, uncertainty, fear. It’s a strange mix of feelings, but once it’s done, you can’t help but feel proud. This is your home and it’s time to make it feel that way. You may already.    Read more »

Indoor/Outdoor Living

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  With the glimpses of warm weather that Colorado has been giving us lately, it’s hard not to think about summer and the festivities that come along with it. And while you (and your wardrobe) are making the transition, an area most people don’t think.    Read more »

Master Suite Remodel and Face-lift

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View of Finished Bathroom

Some of our smaller projects are also some of our more dramatic projects. Remodels of existing spaces often pose some of the biggest creative challenges.  Working within the existing walls, maximizing flow, and integrating the new space into the rest of the home must be balanced with.    Read more »

New House – Old Furniture?

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purple chair

So the remodel, addition, or brand new home is complete.  Hooray!  After months of living with drywall dust, plastic tents, and strange men in overalls inhabiting your space, you are ready to move in and become king/queen of your castle.  But alas!  Compared with the.    Read more »

Downtown Denver Cafe – Opening January 30th!!!

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cafe max 2

Fun, Contemporary and Uptown design comes to East Colfax in Downtown Denver! Cafe Max  is located at 2412 East Colfax and features fun food, amazing atmosphere and local camaraderie. The eclectic, urban decor is the appropriate back drop for cutting edge conversations, good times with friends,.    Read more »

Architectural Fees – What to Expect?

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money sign

How do architects determine their fees? This is a question we are asked frequently and on the surface, this seems like a very straightforward question. There are however, several different methods architects use for determining their fees which can be confusing when trying to compare "apples.    Read more »

What is a “Permit Set” of drawings?

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arch tools

We often have clients ask us the difference between a "builder's set" or permit set of drawings and full architectural construction documents. Technically speaking, the permit set of construction drawings is just that: the minimal set of drawings and information that the local jurisdiction (the entity.    Read more »

‘Home’ for the Holidays

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christmas decoration

With the Holiday season officially upon us, home decorating begins for many in full force.  Though it can sometimes seem like an arduous task; digging out the decorations, untangling the lights, hanging the wreath, it can also be a time for inspiration and revitalization in the.    Read more »

The Architectural Philosophy of Disney

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disney castle

I just got back from a trip to Disney World in Florida.  As an architect, I enjoy exploring and scrutinizing the architecture throughout the parks; both the theme parks as well as the hotels, restaurants, etc.  It goes without saying that the attention to detail is unmatched,.    Read more »

Find your “one” thing!!

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thing one

Ok, so have you seen the Kohler commercial where the couple arrives at the architect's office (very high-end and sleek), sits down across the executive desk, the woman pulls a Kohler faucet out of her purse and asks the architect if he can design their.    Read more »

Featured in Luxe Magazine – Mountain Contemporary

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Luxe cover

This mountain contemporary style home combines natural stone, timbers and glass to create 'clean' and dramatic spaces, focusing on the awe-inspiring views while maintaining privacy for the owners. Featured in Luxe magazine, this home is a model of sustainability and contemporary aesthetics. Outdoor living.    Read more »

Grand Opening of the Wilderness Early Learning Center

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Back in October of 2011, we were hired by the Acorn School to design a new early childhood learning center known as the Wilderness Early Learning Center. We transformed an existing two-storey industrial office building into an early childhood learning center. The grand opening will.    Read more »

Featured in Mountain House & Home

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Featured in Mountain House & Home

This southwestern-style adobe home reflects an extremely organic plan. Nestled into the toe of the hillside, the plan rolls around the base of, and bridges over, the arroyo that divides the slope, allowing panoramic vistas across and down valley. Cover articles in both Mountain House & Home.    Read more »

A Lofty Goal – Transforming “Blank Slate” into a Luxurious Downtown Loft

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Home & Garden

In the heart of downtown Boulder, this contemporary loft offers every modern amenity including state of the art fixed seating media room, stainless steel commercial kitchen, “floating” fireplace and ample balcony space for entertaining. Step into the living room and floor-to-ceiling windows immediately surround you,.    Read more »