As gathering place and focal point, the fireplace symbolizes security and community and adds warmth and ambience to any room. No longer limited to traditional materials and design, fireplaces have become focal points in the overall home aesthetic.  Wood burning fireplaces, gas log inserts (installing.    Read more »

We recently took an office field trip to Coal Creek Canyon to visit one of our current homes under construction. Comprised of true timber frame construction and SIPS roof panels, the home is making great progress. Check out progress photos below. Read more »

Fänas recently published a brief pamphlet on what property owners should be aware of when building in Boulder, Colorado. As noted, this was an overview intended to point out the many steps required throughout the process. We’ve gotten great feedback and thought we would elaborate on a few of.    Read more »

Although we have been designing custom homes for decades, with each new project there is a learning curve. Becoming in tune with the individual client, understanding their lifestyle and aesthetic, and learning about local building codes are just some of the nuances that make each.    Read more »


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Fänas Architecture proudly announces our two new office locations in Boulder and Durango, Colorado. Please update your records with our new addresses and feel free to come visit us in our new spaces!   Boulder 1320 Pearl Street Suite 103 Boulder, CO 80301 303.444.5380 Durango 101 W. 9th Street Suite 04 Durango, CO.    Read more »

Fanas Architecture designs and details kitchens.

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Fanas Architecture designs and details kitchens. As an architectural firm we are typically associated with the “sticks and bricks” of a building, however recently we have been fortunate enough to have been hired to design and remodel some exciting kitchens for several different clients. Kitchens are the.    Read more »

Revitalizing Downtown Longmont

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With the struggles of the U.S. economy after the 2008 financial crisis it’s been a wonder that so many small businesses have been able to stay open. However, it hasn’t been without sacrifice. Many businesses have foregone updates and improvements to their storefronts instead.    Read more »

Downtown Denver Cafe – Opening January 30th!!!

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Fun, Contemporary and Uptown design comes to East Colfax in Downtown Denver! Cafe Max  is located at 2412 East Colfax and features fun food, amazing atmosphere and local camaraderie. The eclectic, urban decor is the appropriate back drop for cutting edge conversations, good times with friends,.    Read more »

What is a “Permit Set” of drawings?

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We often have clients ask us the difference between a "builder's set" or permit set of drawings and full architectural construction documents. Technically speaking, the permit set of construction drawings is just that: the minimal set of drawings and information that the local jurisdiction (the entity.    Read more »